Odcuple - Original 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup (355ml) - Latte

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The odcuple reusable cup is an aesthetic mix of durable ceramic, soft touch silicone and a biodegradable plastic lid that blends naturally organic curves with modern angular design. Breakout from your daily routine, reflect on yourself, your inner circle and the environment.

Materials + Dimensions

∙ Natural Ceramic Cup

∙ Food Grade Silicone Sleeve

PLA Biodegradable Plastic (PLA + PBLAT + ST) Due to the biodegradable material some discolouration may appear on the lid.

∙ 12oz / 355ml

∙ 75mm (w) 120mm (h)


∙ Non slip silicone sleeve - Soft touch and prevents scratches

∙ Easy turn, splash proof lid (not leak proof)

∙ Reusable - A two cup a day coffee drinker will save 730 single use cups a year from landfill

∙ Dishwasher Safe (We recommend hand-washing)

∙ Microwave Safe

∙ BPA Free

*Please note the reusable cup is not insulated. If you are a tea or long black drinker, it may be hot to touch.


All parts are dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing to preserve the quality and durability of the cup. All parts can be disassembled for thorough cleaning. Wash cup before use.